Mascot Appearances

Thank you for your interest in having SHADES at your next community event!

Requests and scheduling of appearances for Shades, the Orlando Solar Bears mascot, are subject to the sole discretion of the Orlando Solar Bears and are subject to availability, the number and order of Mascot appearance requests and other factors.


Any questions, please contact Caroline Brinson at (407) 951-8200 or


  • Please arrange to have Event Escort timely meet Mascot prior to appearance.
  • Mascot will arrive at event location out of costume approximately 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appearance time.
  • Allow adequate time for changing into costume.
  • Have Shades’ appearance scheduled for the peak attendance period of the event.
  • It is encouraged that the Mascot not be the sole purpose of the event but rather an attending “celebrity.”
  • Plan event activities in which the Mascot can participate.

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  • Terms & Conditions

    The above-named organization (“Organization”) requests the “Shades” Mascot appearance as described in Attachment A subject to the following Terms and Conditions and approval by Orlando Solar Bears, LLC. (here after referred to as “Orlando Solar Bears”).

    • Parking must be provided for the Mascot within close proximity to the location of the appearance event.
    • A PRIVATE SECURE LOCATION must be provided for the Mascot at the location of the appearance event for costume change and securing personal items.
    • An escort (18 YEARS OR OLDER) must be present to accompany the Mascot during the appearance event.
    • Security must be provided to ensure that, no unauthorized persons will have access to the Mascot changing area, the identity of the Mascot will not be disclosed, and effective crowd control will be implemented for the safety of the Mascot and everyone attending the Mascot appearance event.
    • Except with the prior written consent of the Orlando Solar Bears, no one shall sell or distribute promotional material or merchandise in connection with the Mascot appearance.
    • The Organization shall indemnify and hold Orlando Solar Bears, the Mascot and their employees, agents, contractors and representatives harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, and expenses arising with respect to the activities of Mascot.
    • Orlando Solar Bears may require that the Organization provide, at no cost to Orlando Solar Bears, Two Million Dollars of liability insurance, naming Orlando Solar Bears, LLC as an “Additional Insured”, with an insurance carrier and on terms reasonably acceptable to Orlando Solar Bears, insuring against personal injury or property damage liability with respect to the activities of Mascot at the location of the Mascot appearance.
    • All copyrights and intellectual property rights relating to the activities and performance of the Mascot at the appearance event are the property of Orlando Solar Bears and may not be recorded, videotaped, reproduced, transmitted or disseminated in or from the location of the appearance event in any manner or by any means for any commercial purpose or value, and any unauthorized use, transmission, picture, video or reproduction of the Mascot appearance or the logo or trademark of Orlando Solar Bears is prohibited.
    • Orlando Solar Bears may at any time for any reason cancel the Mascot appearance without any obligation or liability in the sole discretion of the Orlando Solar Bears.
  • Undersigned represents that he/she is 18 years of age or older and has the authority to represent the above Organization and commit to these Terms & Conditions.
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