Introducing the new Orlando Solar Bears mobile app to house the popular Loyalty & Rewards program.

The new Orlando Solar Bears Mobile App now exclusively houses our popular Fan Loyalty & Rewards Program!

CLICK HERE to download the new Orlando Solar Bears Mobile App

Join the NEW Orlando Solar Bears Official Mobile App to earn FREE stuff like game tickets, autographed merchandise, jerseys and more just for being a Solar Bears fan! Fans can earn Loyalty & Rewards points by attending Solar Bears home games, events and much more! Be sure to check our social media, newsletter and website for new chances to earn points all the time!

Update to the new Solar Bears mobile app and join the Solar Bears Loyalty & Rewards program now!

To join, simply download the app and register with your email.


How do I sign up?
Simply download the app and register either through the Facebook login option or with your email address. You will be instantly ready to start earning points to be put towards rewards.

How do I update the new app?

  • If you are an Android user, you can just select the app on your phone and you will be prompted to update the app.
  • iOS users will need to download the new app in the Apple App Store. You can find the app by searching “Orlando Solar Bears Official Mobile App.”
  • Once the app is updated, you will need to login using your e-mail address used with the earlier version of the Solar Bears mobile app to restore your previously accumulated Loyalty & Rewards points.
  • If you previously used a Facebook account to login to the earlier version of the app, you will need to

Will my Loyalty & Rewards points be lost?

They will not! All of the Loyalty & Rewards points from the previous app have already been moved over to the new app. To see your correct Loyalty & Rewards points you will need your login credentials from the previous app to gain access to your previously accumulated points from the old app.

How does it work?
The new mobile app offers two ways to earn Loyalty & Rewards points:

  • Loyalty & Rewards points will automatically be loaded into your account by using the geolocation services on your mobile device. This includes Solar Bears Home Games and Season Ticket Member Events. You MUST have your location services turned on to receive Loyalty & Rewards points at games. If you do not know how to turn them on, please see the links below:
  • Points can also earned by inputting promo codes. Promo codes will be available on our away radio broadcasts, newsletters and social media!

I do not see my tickets in the app.

Unfortunately, tickets will no longer be accessible in the new app. The new app’s primary focus will be to house the popular Loyalty & Rewards program. If you would like to access your tickets on your mobile device, you will need to use the Ticketmaster mobile app or your mobile browser.

Will we no longer receive away radio broadcast codes?

  • We will still offer Radio Broadcast promo codes. Those will be entered similarly as you previously did for the old app.

How do I redeem my Loyalty and Rewards points?

You can now redeem items directly in the app! You will no longer have to scan a code. Select “Shop” in the app and you will be able to browse and redeem the rewards. You can pick up your rewards by visiting the Guest Assistance window during Orlando Solar Bears home games or by visiting the Solar Bears executive offices at 8701 Maitland Summit Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32810.